Wine Selection

We deeply respect nature and consider ourselves lucky for our lives are entangled with biblical plant – Grapevine.

Our production capacity is 300hL, but we are currently producing 200hL so each drop of wine tastes like harmony.

We are really proud of our Trnjak – truly unique, sort that was at brink of extinction but made our vinery its home.

Trnjak Premium

Full body, Rich taste.

Real charmer. Easy to drink, easier to enjoy. Soft aromas envelop this wine. Seduces you with rich cherry, blackberry, plum and raspberry aromas. All of that gets You slight spices kick. Aged for 18 months in oak barrels – Now You know how good it is.

Rose Đuzel

Easy like Sunday morning.

Vivid raspberry and berry fruit aromas. Unique pale color. Made to be perfectly chilled and served on a hot summer day.

Chardonnay Premium 700

Premium. Dry.

Unique premium white wine. Chardonnay grown at 700 meter above sea level, interesting “sur lie” processing and extreme day / night temperature differences give this one full body and strong aromas.

This one is truly something else



Dry wine made from our beloved sort. Grown only in fields of Imotski, this one stands out for its freshness, rich fruity aromas and crystal yellow color with light green reflection. Ideal for all occasions.

Title “Summer Queen” fits this one well.